The 2012 Do it for the Girls Productions Montage!

We just finished the trailer for the 2014 Seattle Deaf Film Festival and we are wrapping
up a music video for the Low Hums new album! Production has begun on Torrey Pines, the
animated feature film.

yee olden news...04.08.13

The Sean Nelson video is out! Make Good Choices, the animated paper-puppet adventure through snow is featured on NPR here!


We have been working for six months on this brand new music video for Seattle rock band, Your Heart Breaks. It's finally out! We are so excited. Check it out here! Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes, by Your Heart Breaks.

In other news, DIFTGs has begun production on a new series of films for an amazing multidiciplinary performance with two fabulous Canadians, Rae Spoon and Ivan Coyote. Stay in touch to find out when and where the show will be touring near you. The show is called Gender Failure. It is increadible.


The new Kimya Dawson video for Solid and Strong is up! I just finished up 6 projects.
One of them was titles for this awesome short film called While you Weren't Looking.


I've been working late into the night on several videos which should be
premiering soon! The newest video for Seattle band Strong Killings
features a few families of clay dinosaurs going about their lives in a pretty
good looking apartment building. They even have a hot tub and a bubble bath,
freshly frothed with help from some dry ice, a handheld egg beater and the dish soap.
The video is a double-feature, the second half is in 3-D. I shot it with the band
at the Rendezvous in Downtown Seattle, on my GoPro Heros.

Also coming soon is the newest video for Kimya Dawson, filmed in Olympia
in a pool. There is a bunch of cool underwater footage, also care of my GoPro
Hero cameras. I don't have a sponsorship, I'm just plugging them because I
really do think they are amazing little cameras. Keep an eye out for
Solid and Strong, the video single of Kimya Dawsons new amazing album,
Thunder Thighs.

We have also had the pleasure of seeing a bunch of our films on the big screen
in the past few weeks. The Unspeakable: Wynne Greenwood, and Red Light Bulb
both played at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

In case you were wondering where I was for so long, I was on tour all over the world!
I went on tour with Your Heart Breaks, Kimya Dawson, Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic,
DJ Big Wiz, Earth, and Mount Eerie. Damn Doggies, Good Times, Thanks!


Welcome! The site is back up after a major loser did some major hacking on it.
That was a real dissapointment. But it's rebuilt and better then ever!

The new Madeline Video just got finished! It's screening at the
Northwest Film Forum this Saturday, May 14th, at 7:30pm as part of the
Translations Festival.


The new video for Forbidden Friends debuted on IFC on April 1st. Traditionally a
day for joking around, another suprise came when our Thermals video received
1,400 views on this day. I thought it was a joke. Today the mystery was solved.

On April 1st, Vimeo premiered their new IPhone App and at the top of the list of
example movies in the informational screenshot was "Not Like Any Other Feeling."

I am currently in production on the new video for Madeline Adams, as well as
a special project with Seattle band Strong Killings and or course there is
Boating with Clyde. Other secrets in the works.

Go see Earth - they are on tour in Europe with Sabbath Assembly right now!


This is the next big adventure. Check out Boating with Clyde!
Season one will be filmed this spring and summer!

In other wonderful news, The Thermals video Not Like Any Other Feeling
was released on March 3rd, and screened at the Walker Art Center on the 5th.
It's a real honor to know the film played at the Walker, home to the
famous giant spoon and cherry bridge.

I'm working hard on wrapping the new video for Forbidden Friends!
It's such a pleasure to work with Hutch Harris, and I had Theo Hilton in town
working as a production assistant on it, and long-range assistance
from Sparky Taylor, one of the fantastic interns from the Thermals project.

Upcoming projects include animation of some poems by Bellingham
writers Carol Guess and Elizabeth Colen, and a music video for
Madeline Adams from Athens, Georgia.

But first, I head to Mexico City with Earth and the Melvins! Earth just
released this amazing new album, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1.

I'm stoked to be taking a Intro to 16mm class with Dave Hanigan at the
Northwest Film Forum this month! That is going to rock my world.

Oh, and we just got one of these.


A new film is up! It's called Yes Yes Yall In. It is one minute long at best.
Check it out on the music videos page. I also finished a video for
Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death. I shot it completely
with my Iphone on the Hipstamatic application. It should be out in a few


A celebratory day at the studio, as I wrap up the monumental new
music video for Portland rockers the Thermals. The film will debut in Febraury.
If you have not seen anything about the project, then take a peak.

Not Like Any Other Feeling

I have full control of the wall at Cal Anderson Park until March, so if anyone has
any ideas, feel free to email me. I'm open to ideas, as long as there can be
some source of warmth. The last day Shane Yee and I were up there, it
was getting too cold outside to be working with chalk and spray bottles.

I'm working on a short (1 minute) film I made on the afternoon of
November 8th. It's called Yes Yes Yall In. The soundtrack is from the album
SuperDrum by Stebmo.

Next on deck, a video for Triumph of Lethargy, Skinned Alive to Death.
And some secret projects which may or may not receive funding.


There's a lot going on around here these days. After a brief life interruption,
when our new studio/home was broken into and cleaned out, it took a few
months to rebuild. Thanks to our good friends who helped us out (G.O. who
came over and boarded up the hole where the door used to be on the
weekend, and all the folks who organized and played at the amazing benefit show,
and others for being understanding and offering additional financial assistance).

I want to hug you all. I've replaced the basic gear, and am happy to be
animating again. The next project on the table is a music video for the Thermals.
The song is on their upcoming album, both entitled, Not Like Any
Other Feeling

You can check on the project in progress. It's probably the most insane thing I
have ever done. Luckily, I have will have help from other awesome animators,
members of the Seattle Experimental Animation Team (SEAT).

Updates on the particular project will be posted at Not Like Any Other

In other news, while we were distracted by thieves, the Anais Mitchell music video
for the song Flowers (Eurydice's song) premiered. Forrest and I were lucky enough
to catch her for 2 days in Seattle and shoot some Super8 footage with her at
Carkeek Park and Gasworks for the late night footage.

Three films have been accepted to the up and coming Local Sightings Festival at
NW Film Forum. Check out the schedule for Gentle Giants, Laizzes Les Bon Temps
and Belly of June.

My feature film, The Unspeakable, premiered in July at several venues in the
Northwest. You can watch it online here. It is a feature comprised of 15 short films,
accompanying interviews and field recordings with NW artists of all types.


Productive days are here at the studio. The latest video for the
band Horse Feathers premiered a few weeks back on Pitchfork TV.
Check it out here.

I just cut a short new montage for the summer,
featuring some fresh work and the music of Triumph of Lethargy.

Last week we screened a brand new short at the Northwest Film Forum.
So new was the short, that we even projected the film, as there was not
time to have it transferred. It is a Super8 film I shot on tour with the
band Earth, in April 2010. As soon as that film is ready, I'll get a
digital version online.

Stay tuned, many fine things in the works including an upcoming video
with RBR artist, Anais Mitchell and my grant film, The Unspeakable
(premiering in July in Seattle).


I am so pleased to announce the release of the latest
from our studios. The new music video for Quasi premiered
yesterday on Stereogum. Everybody seems to like it,
and I'm happy with it to. We worked for months on it, so
I hope you enjoy it.

Check it out here!

Coming up next at the speed of a gallup, a new video for the
acoustic wonder band from Portland, Horse Feathers. I had a
great shoot with them last weekend down in SE pdx, and I
have been lucky enough to spend the last 2 mornings in Carkeek
Park here in North Seattle, shooting wax hives hanging in the
orchard. Next step, animation of a tiny squadron of bees, built
by Seattle animator Britta Johnson.


We are hard at work here in our tiny studio on
a new video for the band Quasi. I will be the first to tell
you that it's with great joy that we toil on this film.
Working between 6 -14 hours a day on it, we
often only accomplish 10 -15 seconds a day.
Patience please.

In honour of the occasion, Forrest and I constructed
a Multiplane machine, and have been summoning the
spirits of Yuriy Norshteyn, who we recently were fortunate enough
to go see speak at Evergreen State College.

The Quasi video will be out sometime in March, and
if you are in Seattle, you should join us on March 4th
for the Animated Art Funtacular Explosion at Zeitgeist
in Pioneer Square from 8-10pm. It's free, and it's artwalk.



Sad news: RIP Samantha Dorsett. Founder of Plan-it-x
Records, author and comic artist, founder of Secret Sailor
Bookstore, and awesome friend.

The new video for the Shaky Hands is out!
It's a stop-motion party with stilt-houses, giant ships, and
a logging truck.


Sad news first: RIP Jeff Hanson. We had the pleasure of
making a film for him a while back. He is missed. There are
a great many live films of him on the internet.
Might as well make this place useful.

The new film for the Portland Cello Project is out and
about now! You can peep a look here! The song
was written by Thao, and features her on vocals.
It's lovely.

The Explode into Colors video is done, but we can't post it
until the 7 inch is released in July on Kill Rock Stars. But if they
play in your town, you best go see them. They are
amazing players.

Coming soon - The Madeline video. It's taking a while
since it's stop-motion papercuts. But it will be worth it.

Also, I just got a huge CityArtists grant. More on that soon.
And I deleted the Twitter account. I'm trying to move
away from social networking all together.

Trent Reznor said it best.

"I will be tuning out of the social networking sites because at the
end of the day it's now doing more harm than good in the bigger
picture and the experiment seems to have yielded a result.
Idiots rule."


The new Paper Chase film is out today on
Pitchfork TV. Check it out here!

Take a look at the new video for Thao and then enjoy
the video we made with Triumph of Lethargy Skinned
Alive to Death

Upcoming Release: a video for the Portland Cello Project.

Stay tuned, we are currently working on a film for
Athens songstress Madeline, and heading to PDX this weekend
to film Kill Rock Stars band Explode into Colors.